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Do You Dream of a Better Life?

If you’re an abuse victim chances are you dream of a better life, but something stops you from making your dream a reality.

Perhaps you;

  • Live in fear of an abuser.
  • Keep your abuse a secret.
  • Live with guilt and shame.

I understand your heartache, having walked a mile in the victim’s shoes. If you want to conquer adversity, Abuse Journal empowers survivors to awaken to the truth, transform their minds and mend heartfelt wounds and live an abundant life.

Authentic Healing for Survivors

L.M. Carleton
L.M. Carleton

Hi! I’m L.M. Carleton, Linda, an Upstate, New York abuse survivor, mother, and care provider for the elderly and physically challenged for more than twenty years.

I understand the danger of keeping your abuse a secret—the anguish of living in fear and the burden of shame after losing custody of two children.

I kept painful secrets for years

But the memories resurfaced after an encounter with an abusive, estranged husband on a dating website.

Afterward, I mustered up the courage to create a writing blog and reflect on childhood abuse and trauma. Often referred to as breaking the silence.

I discovered how adverse childhood experiences affect your adult life. How flawed mindsets about relationships, family dynamics, and sexual behavior were formed. And how this mindset became so embedded in patterns of thinking and ways of living; it wasn’t abnormal.

Through self-reflection, I realized walking by faith made way for forgiveness and authentic healing. The way to an abundant life is to grow in divine wisdom, and trust in the power of God’s grace to restore your life.

Abuse Journal illuminates the darkness of despair with the light of truth. Helping victims gain clarity for adverse childhood experiences and insights and understanding for abuse’s root cause. And empowers you to tell your abuse story and live an abundant life.

Start Your Journey

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I believe the journey to healing is different for everyone, but the most important step is to gain the courage to tell your story. Even if abusers say “don’t tell anyone” it or no one listens to you. Keep pressing forward until someone pulls up a chair next to you.

Your story is more than what happened to you. It’s who you became and how adversity affects your mindset and heart. I hope these posts help you learn you can overcome adversity and live an abundant life. I write my testimony as living proof.

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