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Welcome to Abuse Journal, a publication to learn how to overcome childhood trauma, conquer adversity and restore your life.

My name is L.M. Carleton, Linda, and I started Abuse Journal for one reason: to help victims gain wisdom for authentic healing. Discernment I wish I had growing up in a dysfunctional family with adverse childhood experiences, and living in fear of domestic violence.

Who is Abuse Journal for?

Abuse Journal started as a personal blog (Why Did You Start Writing a Blog?) and grew into a resource for child abuse and domestic violence victims.

It’s for abuse victims who dream of a better life, but something stops you from making your dream a reality.

Perhaps you;

  • Live in fear of an abuser?
  • Keep your abuse a secret?
  • Feel overwhelmed with grief?
  • Or carry the burdens of guilt and shame.

I understand your heartache, having walked miles in the victim’s shoes.

If you want to gain clarity and peace of mind, mend emotional, heartfelt scars, and change the direction of your life, Abuse Journal is for you.

Here you will learn;

  • How the healing journey is different for everyone.
  • Why the most important step is to tell your story.
  • Your story is more than what happened to you.
  • How adversity affects your mind and heart.
  • The way to overcome all difficulties.

Abuse Journal strives to raise abuse awareness and provide insights for healing trauma and wisdom for your personal growth and spiritual growth.

To begin your journey, have a look at these posts;

If you want help with something else get in touch.

How to Join Abuse Journal

To join Abuse Journal for blog updates and giveaways, including free eBooks and writing journals, and pen raffles (coming 2021) fill out the form below. You can unsubscribe anytime or follow @abusejournal on Twitter.

Thank you for visiting Abuse Journal. I look forward to helping you learn how to overcome adversity and restore your life. If you want to learn more about the author L.M. Carleton visit the About page.

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