Hope for a Better Life

When you live in an abusive situation, hope for a better life becomes diminished by anxiety. And the mental stress confuses and depresses your mind.

Suffering through abuse, you lose your sense of direction and devalue and stop loving yourself. Plagued by fear, you carry heavy burdens to where strength is non-existent.

And you face two options, flee the oppression and hope you make it out alive or continue living a depressed and miserable life.

Those of us who escape abuse don’t see hope on the horizon.

We are survivors searching for a way to end the misery encompassing our lives. And the obstacles survivors face after leaving are many.

Mental confusion and chaos don’t disappear when you leave an abusive environment. Abuse survivors struggle to overcome mental and physical trauma and emotional burdens for years.

And what’s worse, people close to the victim fail to understand the choice you made to flee. They don’t understand the fear you lived in or the emotional trauma you endured.

People don’t get how abuse diminishes your spirit to where all hope seems lost. And for some, suicide becomes a thought for escape.

Many fail to recognize the enormous hill you have to climb to get out of the pit of despair. Your journey to healing, wrought with more pain and suffering, only becomes easier after years of personal growth and spiritual development.

Jesus provides Hope for a Better Life

If you’re an abuse survivor, I want you to know there is hope for a better life. And it starts with choosing an abundant life no matter what anyone says or thinks.

It might sound selfish, but no one suffered the abuse you experienced.
No one knows what it’s like to live in fear or experience anxiety.

How hard you fought to survive each day. And no one knows the grief your heart feels, but God. And He provided the way (Jesus Christ) for you to have a better life.

We are all given one life and believe it or not when you reach 40ish; it goes quickly. And when you grasp that sin encompasses and destroys the lives of so many today.

You will see a great need for God in your life.

God understands your suffering and knows your heart intimately.

In his son, Jesus Christ, you will find hope for a better life. And He will make all things new. Giving you a fresh start and eventually bringing healing and forgiveness your way.

God alone rescued me out of the darkness of sin and restored and transformed my life. He’s given me peace of mind and eternal life.

He is my hope always on the horizon with each sunrise.

In Him, you will find an abundance of life forever.

Don’t let abuse overshadow your spirit to the point of giving up hope. The cost of suffering is too high. Jesus Christ came so you could have life and life more abundantly.

The choice to walk by faith is yours.

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