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Last updated on: February 27, 2019

Writing a Memoir is hard work! The storyline changes several times before you settle on something worth reading. I’m getting closer to selecting a title, subtitle, and theme for the book.

I was proceeding to write the Memoir with the title “Out of a Secret Darkness” and had a cover made too.

However, it didn’t seem right, so I chose a few new titles and subtitles. Below is the selection process for the memoir title and subtitle. Post your feedback and comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below. Thank You. Linda

Memoir Title

Out of a Secret Darkness: A True Story of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, God’s Saving Grace and Transforming Love

This is the first title and subtitle chosen. I’ve decided not to use this selection based on several book titles with secret and darkness in them. I felt it was over used already.

New Memoir Titles

I’m leaning towards using the ones with a * by them. 

*Abused Fear Not

Abused, Be Strong, Fear Not

Grace Crushes Fear

Starting Life with a Broken Hoe

The Crazy Carleton’s


* A Memoir of Rescuing Grace

A Memoir of God’s Rescuing Grace and Life Restoring Love

A Memoir of Survival, Rescuing Grace and Forgiveness

The Power of God’s Saving Grace

The Power of God’s Rescuing Grace and Life Restoring Love

The Theme or Essence of the Story

* The power of God’s grace to restore life is greater than the forces of darkness to destroy it.

This is a story about the power of God’s grace to restore life.

This is a story of survival, rescuing grace and forgiveness.

My Memoir Title and Subtitle Choice

Abused Fear Not: A Memoir of Rescuing Grace

Takeaway for the Memoir

The power of God to restore life is greater than the forces of darkness to destroy it.


This is the story of a young girl who is unknowingly trapped in the darkness with fear. Growing up in abusive conditions she develops a dysfunctional mindset and makes unhealthy choices in life. Poor decisions cause her to suffer domestic violence, lose her children and run in fear for her life.

Years later, she travels across the country to California with a new boyfriend and their son in search of a better life. After running out of money, she visits city missions and soup kitchens to fill her belly.

One evening, at a City Mission in Oakland, California, she walks forward to receive the gift of salvation. God’s rescuing grace and unconditional love begin restoring her life.

His grace gave her freedom from abuse and instilled the gift of serving others with compassion and empathy. In helping others, her heart is cleansed, and she learns a new way of life.

Years later, she has an unexpected encounter with an estranged abusive husband. Wanting to run and hide in fear again she thinks of deleting her account on the dating website. Instead, she chooses to step out in faith and answers his message.

The conclusion of the story is; the power of God’s grace set’s her free from the forces of darkness and bondage of sin. The grace of God cleansed her heart, transformed her dysfunctional mindset and gave her an abundance of life.


L.M. Carleton

Hi! I'm Linda, an abuse survivor rescued by grace. I write to raise awareness and encourage abuse victims to grow in wisdom and restore their lives. I conquered adversity by faith and worked caring for the elderly and physically and mentally challenged for twenty-plus years.

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