My Story Abused Fear Not

I understand how hard it is to talk about the abuse you experienced. To fear not what others think when you tell your story.

I feared the public eye for twenty-plus years. Here is a portion of my account, an upcoming memoir, Abused, Fear Not. I hope it encourages you to journal your story.

Upstate, New York, Spring 2012.

I felt unloved and ended our relationship. Afterward, I created a dating profile to search for a good man. At first, I kept the profile photos hidden, not wanting to expose my identity.

Then one man asked to see a picture, so I sent one, and he responded, “You’re beautiful, why do you hide away?”

I lived in fear of an estranged husband after fleeing for my life to a domestic violence shelter over twenty years ago, without my children.

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Open Letter to Police Officers in America

I can’t imagine you thought being a police officer in America would come at such a price. The level of hatred and disregard for your profession is growing, and nd the driving force is fear. 

Many cannot comprehend the reality of the world’s condition, the level of abuse, and violence across the globe. We live in troublesome times, Endtime Ministries declares it the end of the age with Bible Prophecy.

I believe them. 

Society forgets the good you do amid the pain and sorrow. Lashing out in grief, many overlook your dedication to seeking justice for victims of violent crimes. 

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Why You Need Love and Compassion to Heal

Have you ever missed the opportunity to give someone the love and compassion to heal? If so, you know the heartbreak that comes after your actions. I wept at the missed opportunity. 

Why do people miss this chance? 

I’ve learned it’s because personal experiences impact our actions and reactions towards others. And I let personal afflictions get in the way of expressing the love and compassion needed to heal. But there is hope. 

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