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My name is L.M. Carleton, Linda. I’m an Upstate, New York abuse overcomer. I’m passionate about the wisdom to restore your life. I write to share life stories, insights, understanding, and the life lessons learned to encourage others. Begin your healing journey on the Start Here page.

Being Wrong is Not Bad if You Learn a Lesson

Admitting your wrong can be difficult, mostly when your own words speak the truth back to you. But being wrong is not bad if you learn a lesson.

I wrote a letter to a friend in June 2018.

I opened a saved copy yesterday to reread the contents, and the words of truth spoke to my heart. I’ve been doing the same thing, going in the wrong direction. 

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Humbling Lesson Learned About Being an Abuse Victim

I wrote this blog post in 2015. The humbling lessons learned are still fresh and relevant today. And it’s been edited to reflect personal growth.

Dear Reader,

I began writing after an emotional awakening from years of unacknowledged abuse. I was a victim of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. My thinking was impaired, the inner spirit in turmoil and heart scared.

I started blogging to be listened to and, more importantly, understood. I desperately wanted someone to care about my sufferings. And someone did.

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The Danger of Keeping Family Secrets

After years of suffering, I learned, keeping secrets from the public eye was a grave weakness. That secrets prevent you from moving forward in life.

My Father spoke in riddles, making you think one minute and confusing you the next.

Like the baffling statement “You can’t start out in life with a broken garden hoe” made days before my wedding. It caused confusion for twenty-eight years.

His famous remark;

don’t tell anyone what goes on in this house.

Keeping family secrets, I lived in the darkness with fear and carried heavy burdens. At forty-six, a battered heart split open, and sinister secrets and burning emotional pain spilled out.

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