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Why You Need Love and Compassion to Heal

Have you ever missed the opportunity to give someone the love and compassion to heal? If so, you know the heartbreak that comes after your actions. I wept at the missed opportunity. 

Why do people miss this chance? 

I’ve learned it’s because personal experiences impact our actions and reactions towards others. And I let emotional afflictions get in the way of expressing the love and compassion needed to heal. But there is hope. 

The Condition of a Troubled and Wounded Heart

Often, the heart of a man or woman gets wounded by and overwhelmed with the cares of this world. And the weight of a troubled and overburdened heart is more than anyone can bear. 

The weight is substantial and drags you down to the point of desperation. It causes you to lash out in bitterness, anger, and rage and do unimaginable things, often with regret.

In this oppressed state, you cannot show affection and kindness. Instead, you act out of bitterness and resentment towards others. 

Unaware of the inner conflict, you become downtrodden, abused, oppressed, or become a violent abuser yourself. However, you can calm the internal strife. And others can help by not taking your actions as a personal threat and not acting out in the same manner. 

Help Humanity Heal with Love and Compassion 

The heart of a man or woman can recover and heal from this downtrodden state. And you can help people experience healing by providing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

When you act defensively, it only contributes to the inner turmoil and causes further pain and suffering. It never offers the love and compassion needed to promote healing.

The love for others and the compassion of Jesus Christ help people find peace and healing. And our actions should always be that of love and compassion for others each day.

Although this may sound counterintuitive, this is the example Jesus Christ set for us to follow. And follow, we must obey as children of the living God. 

Acting in Anger and Not Love and Compassion

I’m guilty of acting in anger and not giving love and compassion. 

I lashed out in rage because of personal hurts caused by others. But someone needed the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to heal pain and suffering. 

I wept afterward at the missed opportunity to display the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. It felt like I failed God’s purpose for me in their life. 

When you miss these moments, it could be the one moment a person needs the love of God and healing the most. Always remember this while interacting with others each day.

I will never forget the way it made me feel. It was heartbreaking to know someone needed the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and never received it. 

I had the answer to their inner turmoil, pain, and suffering and didn’t share it with them. Instead, I let anger and personal afflictions get in the way. 

I’ve learned when you stumble, and you will pick yourself back up, confess your transgressions, and try again. 

Love and compassion sustain humanity and are the healing tools the Lord has given. We must practice them each day to help others find peace and healing. 

Approach Life Differently

It’s time to approach life differently.

We must put aside our human tendencies to show anger, bitterness, and resentment. And not take the human flaws and weakness within us all that acts out in anger as a personal threat to ourselves.

We are all in the boat together, sailing the same turbulent waters.

Some day’s the waters are calm and peaceful, and some days the seas are rough. 

They carry us back and forth and toss us about back and forth.

We must learn to grow together in harmony and forgive each other when things go wrong. We should not let others fall out of the boat and drown alone. 

We should strive to display the character of and be like the anchor, Jesus Christ. Then we can help others find healing by showing them love and compassion.

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