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Memoir Writing Progress – I’m Doing a Happy Dance

I’m making significant progress on writing the Memoir. Such advancement I’m doing the happy dance. I’ve learned a great lesson too. – Don’t be afraid to search and search for “the best takeaway” for the reader.

The best takeaway gives readers HOPE for something in the future. It can be hope for a better life. Hope for a particular struggle they are facing. If the takeaway is not hopeful then most likely the book will fall flat.

No happy dance.

Prayer for Guidance

I’ve been confused on the best angle to write the story. Throughout the healing process, my mindset shifted in several directions, as did the perspective of the story. It was a story about many things and nothing hopeful at all.

The other day I reached out in prayer to the Lord. Praying,

Lord, I’m confused about the direction to go. I want the Memoir to be what you want it to be. I want it to glorify you. I’m handing it over to you.

I awoke early the next morning to write. Within minutes thoughts of an old blog (The Lord is Calling) came to mind. Last week the domain came up for renewal, and at first, I let it go. Days later, I decided to re-register the domain and a new one (shorter version), The Lord’s Calling.

The Lord’s Calling

Then it hit me, “The Lord’s Calling” never stops.

The Lord never stops calling His children to stop walking in the darkness and step into the light of life. Transformation is a continuous process of spiritual renewal, and not something you can do yourself.

I was that person who walked in darkness. The darkness encompassed every aspect of my life. However, describing the dark is not the HOPE of the story.

The takeaway is

The power of God’s grace to restore life is greater than the forces of darkness to destroy.

I gave up on The Lord is Calling, sought to do things my way once again by creating this blog. The grace of God gently guided me back onto the right path.

The Lord’s Calling.

What does this have to do with writing a Memoir?


The Lord’s Calling “come into the full light” several years ago prompted this Memoir writing endeavor. And throughout the process, understanding and healing of past afflictions were made possible.

The hope of the story reveals God’s saving grace. It shows the reader in moments of complete brokenness, God is always near and never abandons you. The Lord’s calling to rescue, strengthen and illuminate the darkness with His saving grace.

New Memoir Title and Subtitle

The Revealing of Saving Grace

A Memoir of Survival, Forgiveness, and Second Chances

by Linda M. Carleton

I’ll never forget that day for the emotional pain and mental anguish were unbearable, and the strength to survive gone. – In moments of complete brokenness, the spirit of the Lord strengthened His child. Illuminating the darkness encompassing her life, a sovereign God revealed His saving grace.


The power of God’s grace to restore life is greater than the forces of darkness to destroy.

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