Profit from Your Suffering

Don’t waste suffering by wallowing in darkness. When you can profit from suffering by focusing on learning life’s lessons in trials and tribulations. – The battle every believer faces.

I prayed to God for guidance a few days ago. Was confused about the direction to go with writing the Memoir and relinquished control over to Him. I wasn’t expecting a fast response nor ready for His answer.

While listening to “Profiting from Suffering” by Dr. Charles Stanley on InTouch Ministries (my favorite), His answer was clear.

You waste suffering by wallowing in darkness.

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There are no benefits to wallowing in the darkness of a broken past. No benefits to carrying the burdens of pain and anguish. There is no glory to God in trying to explain the dark to those who are lost.

The effort is futile.

God is the only one who can bring people to salvation.

Profit from Suffering

I began profiting from suffering several years ago through writing on a blog, several in fact. I was learning to focus on life’s lessons learned the hard way. My mindset shifted as I began to see afflictions through the eyes of God’s grace.

Looking through the eyes of grace, you comprehend enduring afflictions in a new way. You recognize God has never forsaken you. He has always guided, protected, corrected, strengthened, and showed you His unconditional love.

I decided to profit from suffering by becoming an author. To write Why Abuse to disclose the darkness encompassing the lives of so many today.

The darkness I knew so well and desperately want others to understand the reasons for such afflictions. And more importantly the answers for genuine healing.

I’m not so sure that’s God plan for me. I need to seek His guidance on this one still. And trust His plan is perfect and purpose will be continuously fulfilled. I’ll wait on the Lord.

I’m aware, the profit from suffering in the Memoir is giving the glory to God. It discloses the life’s lessons learned the hard way and reveals His saving grace.

It’s time to step back and re-evaluate these efforts. To seek God for direction and purpose. Things might change a little or a lot, but the outcome will be the best method for moving forward in life.

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Thank You for Reading… Linda

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