Jesus Take the Wheel and Handle My Life

If your life is a complete mess and everything is falling apart. If the burdens are overwhelming, pain excruciating and nothing seems to help. Why not surrender control by letting Jesus take the wheel and drive you down the road of life.

Driving My Life into the Ditch

Traveling down the road of life without letting Jesus take the wheel is like driving into the ditch.

I’m done driving into the ditch!

I can’t even begin to count how many times my life ended up in the ditch. Driving into the same ditch over and over again. And continuously making the same unhealthy choices caused great pain.

I endured tremendous sorrow and heartfelt anguish. However, still failed to let Jesus take the wheel and drive me down the road of life.

The countless time’s unhealthy choices created afflictions didn’t seem to matter. No matter how harmful the effects were, I failed to listen and became stubborn in my ways.

I know how to drive!

The Effects of Unhealthy Choices

The effects of not listening to the Word of God and continuously making unhealthy choices was devastating.

I’ve endured physical and mental abuse, and my head was split open requiring over 20 stitches. Ran away in fear for my life from domestic violence, was flat broke, and became homeless. At one point, I lost everything including my children.

The ride was very bumpy with a lot of twists and turns along the way. The roadmap and directions for the trip were lousy having grown up in a Dysfunctional Family.

Without the proper spiritual guidance, I drove along the road of life blindly. Choosing the wrong directions in life wasted years being afraid, confused and utterly lost.

Jesus Take the Wheel and Handle My Life

God has given us freedom of choice in the direction we will take in life, and no one can take it from us. They can beat you over the head with their thoughts, ideas, and ways. You still get to choose what direction to take in life.

After years of suffering, I finally decided to let Jesus take the wheel. And let him choose what direction to travel in life.

No more wasting this precious life given to me. I’m tired of living in pain and sorrow, and exhausted from driving into the same ditch repeatedly.

New Road Map for Life

Today, I use God’s word “The Bible” as a new roadmap for life. His Word gives us life and life more abundantly. I’ve learned it’s best to follow the Word of God and to walk in obedience.

Don’t drive around blindly without Jesus at the wheel.

When you decide to let, Jesus at the Wheel, he will drive you down the road of life. The Lord will give you salvation for your soul so your journey will end safely. His strength will allow you to make it through all of those twists, and turns and the difficult situations that arise in life.

The Lord will give you hope for the ride and place his everlasting love in your heart. Then you can have assurance in knowing that the Lord will not drive you into the ditch.


Then you can turn on the radio, play some music and rejoice. I love music. Crank it up and sing along. It will lift your spirits. Praise the Lord for all of the beautiful things he has done for you. Praise the Lord for he alone is worthy of Praise.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Take the Wheel and Handle My Life

  1. Thanks for this thoughtful post. I’ve often thought that I “knew how to drive” and in fact was a gifted “driver”, so I haven’t always let Jesus take the “wheel” of the “vehicle” that I was using for my ministry. It has been a challenging lesson for me to learn that this wasn’t very effective in what I was seeking to do in my service for God’s glory. I express the point of my learning in a recent statement on my website entitled “Living By the Spirit”, which you can see at .

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for reading it and for sharing your personal journey in learning how to live by the Spirit.

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