The Transforming Grace of God

This is a follow-up post to proclaim the transforming grace of God. The previous post “proclaim the grace of God” ended with me saying; “I must share what God has done for me.” 

After given this some deep thought, I selected one glorious thing God has done for me. I believe this “one glorious thing” is the most misunderstood and without this one thing, nothing in life would be glorious.

The one glorious thing is;

The transforming grace of God!

I found the grace of God over twenty years ago at a small city mission in Oakland, California. You may have read the account in the My Personal Testimony post already.

I went to the city mission to receive a meal since we were running out of money. That night, I chose to walk forward and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. The next day everything outside looked different, and everything on the inside felt different to me too. That night, I received the best gift anyone can get.

God’s saving grace!

God’s grace didn’t end after receiving him into my heart.

God blessed me with his Holy Spirit to help guide my path in life. The Holy Spirit directed me to take a CNA/HHA certification class to learn how to care for others. I was directed to a Salvation Army Church and began to learn the Word of God.

I’m sure you know the story of my past after reading the personal life story. If not, it was full of dysfunction, abuse, turmoil, and pain. I had a dysfunctional mindset and walked in the darkness with fear for over twenty years.

However, the Holy Spirit was guiding my path day by day. The grace of God was cleansing my heart and transforming my dysfunctional mind. The grace of God was creating an upright spirit in me.

Cleansing the Heart

My heart was still full of pain and anguish from the past. It was bitter and angry at my mother and father for years of neglect and abuse. I hated my mother in my heart.

I was saved, and the Holy Spirit did come to me. However, it took a long time for the grace of God to clean my heart from all of the former things.

In fact, it took years to clean my heart from all of the bitterness and anger.

God’s saving grace provided me with a job caring for others. That allowed the grace of God to show me how to have love and compassion for others.

In time, the grace of God cleaned all of the hatred out and allowed me to forgive my parents. He removed the hatred for my mother and replaced it with forgiveness. The grace of God provided me with forgiveness for my husband too.

Transforming the Dysfunctional Mind

The grace of God has transformed my dysfunctional mind over the years. The Holy Spirit guided me through years of Bible studies. It was the Word of God that slowly, over time renewed my dysfunctional mind.

In the last few years, I received the gift of understanding past hurts in life. This new enlightenment was possible by you guessed it, the grace of God.

Creating an Upright Spirit

The saving grace of God will create an upright spirit in you over time if you choose to walk by faith in Jesus Christ.

I believe the most misunderstood thing is the saving grace of God. You see, God doesn’t just save you once and then leave you to flounder in the darkness by yourself.

Oh No!

The saving grace of God continues to work in you, through you and for you. The grace of God will keep working until your heart is cleansed, your mind transformed, and you have an upright spirit so you can walk in the light of Christ.

After that, the grace of God is still active in you, through you and for you until you are called to join the father in heaven.

God promises he will never leave you nor forsake you. God’s word is the truth, and God himself is the truth.

The saving grace of God has and continues to work in transforming me into a new person, a child of God. God’s saving grace doesn’t work once when you accept him by faith and then never again.

God is an active heavenly father who guides us on the narrow path.

The glorious thing God has done for me and you are to give us his saving grace. I do pray that you have accepted him by faith. His grace is available to anyone who confesses the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

I would still be wandering in the darkness without God’s saving grace. You can’t get more glorious than that! Praise the Lord for he alone is worthy to be praised.

2 thoughts on “The Transforming Grace of God

  1. This is fantastic Linda! What an encouraging blog this is! ? It is definitely scary to think where I would be today without God’s grace. Thank you for the great reminder.

    1. Jamie, Thank you for the encouraging words and for reading the blog. I agree, it is nice to have a reminder of the glory of God in such a downtrodden world.

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