You can gain clarity for abusive behavior through the lens of faith. A lovely woman named Melanie helped me get clear, here’s the story.

When you choose to trust in the only way, Jesus Christ and continuously walk by faith in the light of Christ awesome things happen. The Holy Spirit will guide the path set before you.

You will be surrounded by people who will lift you up, help you grow, and bless your life. Recently, I crossed paths with a lovely woman named Melanie Fagen. She held a contest on her blog “She Breaths Hope” and chose me as the winner.

The Lens of Faith

However, the purpose of crossing paths with Melanie was to alter the perception of my personal testimony. I believe everyone enters your life for a purpose. People can be a lesson, a blessing and sometimes they can be both.

Melanie was both; she helped me gain clarity for abusive behavior with the phrase “The Lens of Faith.”

Now, I’m not sure what Melanie intended to mean with the phrase “The Lens of Faith.” Her expression suggested a need for considering my personal life story from God’s point of view.

Gain Clarity For Abusive Behavior

What Melanie doesn’t understand is she assisted me to gain clarity for abusive behavior. In the past, I viewed my personal life story through the “Lens of Man.”

Through the lens of man, I was a victim of child abuse and domestic violence.

I attempted to understand the violation and struggles in life according to man’s point of view. Trying to explain these struggles with “The Lens of Man” was misleading and never appeared to heal a tormented mind and a broken heart.

Viewing my personal life story through the “Lens of Faith,” from God’s perspective, made all the difference. Looking through the “Lens of Faith,” I know why you suffer abuse, why people abuse and violate others, and how to help victims heal.

There’s More to Story Than Meets the Eye

I’ve always believed there was more to the story than meets the eye. Thought there was something more God was trying to teach me and going to help me accomplish for His glory.

The “Lens of Faith” has given me the clarity needed to enlighten you on the “truth, the realities to be grappled with” of abuse and violence. You may not accept the truth and can seek to change the fact. However, the truth will prevail in the end because the Lord is the truth.

The truth is never easy to digest. However, it’s the only way to experience genuine healing. It will take a while to write the story and share the truth of abuse and violence. I hope you check back for updates as they become available.

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