The Causes and Consequences of Sexual Abuse

Pope Francis shared 21 Reflection Points at the “Protection of Minors in the Church” meeting in the Vatican yesterday. Number 9 on increasing awareness of the causes and consequences of sexual abuse grabbed my attention.

Reflection Point # 9: Increase awareness of the causes and consequences of sexual abuse through ongoing formation initiatives of Bishops, Religious Superiors, clerics and pastoral workers.

I thought, yes, society needs to “increase awareness of the causes and consequences of sexual abuse” and all other forms of abuse too.

That’s one of the main goals for this writing endeavor. I’ll be writing more on the causes of abuse at a later time. This post recounts the consequences of sexual abuse.

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All She Ever Wanted Was Love

A message of unconditional love for Valentines Day.

She was a quiet child. Sensitive at heart. All she ever wanted was love. Her heart yearned for someone to care. To feel loving arms holding her securely.

Tears flowed down her cheek in the darkness of night.

Not a single person in sight.

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The Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

You should never write an open letter when you are angry. I’ll make an exception this time. – I’m mad about the so-called child sexual abuse scandal and the Catholic Church.

To call it a scandal is to imply gossip, shame, and, disgrace. The wounds are profoundly deeper than personal feelings or hurt pride.

The Roots for child sexual abuse go back a long way — the problem roots in deception and fulfilling the sinful desires of the flesh.

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