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How to Overcome Emotional Pain After Abuse

Last updated: June 6, 2023

Do you have a hard time overcoming emotional pain? Is it difficult for you to overcome past emotional hurts? Read this story to learn how to overcome emotional pain and move forward.

I understand the agony of letting go of past emotional hurts. Know the struggle of overcoming emotional pain. Have suffered from child abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.

My heart also became filled with emotional distress after enduring domestic violence and losing children. After years of adversity, the emotional wall around my heart became solid.

Overcome Fear Expose Secrets and Tell What Happened

It’s hard to overcome fear, expose secrets, and tell what happened (your story of abuse) when you fear an abuser and carry the burdens of guilt and shame.

You become fearful of exposing your secrets of child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence because of anxiety. You might question, What do others think about your choices?

It takes great courage to face fear, expose secrets, and acknowledge what happened.

Giveaway to Celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness

You survived Domestic Violence. Now it’s time to rejoice. To celebrate National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Abuse Journal has a giveaway with gifts (Journals, Pens, and Visa Gift Cards) for survivors. 

To celebrate your strength to leave and the courage to share your story and support you on your journey to overcoming the mental and emotional anguish abuse leaves behind.