Being Grateful in Times of Hardship

A while back, I was talking with my baby sister about past memories of abuse. She became worried and expressed concern about me being so negative all the time.

I thought, she doesn’t understand. I’m in the process of writing a Memoir, and recalling past memories of abuse is essential.

It’s an emotional outpouring and slow process that takes time. And remembering painful memories of abuse will make you a bit down at times.

During our conversation, she said,

Linda, write down five things you were grateful for during your abusive marriage.

I was like, say what, grateful for?

Are you crazy?

How can you be grateful for anything suffering hardship in an abusive relationship?

Then, I thought about what she said. And found five things to be grateful for during those times of hardship.

Being Grateful in Times of Hardship

In times of hardship, it’s difficult to find things to be grateful for. The downtrodden state of mind and oppressed spirit can be weighed down tremendously. Reflecting back afterward helps to discover the blessings.

In times of hardship, I’m grateful for:

  1. My Daughter
  2. My Son
  3. Learning how to be street smart.
  4. The Police Officer who pressed charges for me.
  5. God’s Protection

I’m grateful for my children even though we were estranged and making amends is difficult. They are a blessing. I’m thankful God has kept them close to himself (in Church) for years. I may have failed to parent them, but God never abandoned them.

Grateful my husband taught me how to be street smart. All those long walks from Lake Luzerne to Corinth were lessons for Living Street smart. They came in handy when I moved to Oakland California years later. They helped keep me safe.

Protection in Times of Hardship

During times of calamity, God has provided His protection time and again. He placed people in my path to assist me in seeking refuge from abuse.

The Police officer who stepped in and pressed domestic abuse charges for me. He paved the way for an order of protection and escape. The kind minister who drove me to Social Services while running away in fear.

I’m most grateful for God’s constant presence in my life; His grace, guidance, provisions, correction and unconditional love. I would not be the person I am today without Him.

It’s easy to focus on negative things when the negatives far outweigh the positive things. I’m thankful for the gentle reminder to be grateful during times of hardship.

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