Goodbye Victim Letter

Dear Victim,

You were an unfortunate person who suffered ill-treatment. As a child, you grew up in a dysfunctional family. You lacked the parental, and spiritual guidance needed to live an abundant life.

The father who was supposed to provide and protect violated you. And the mother who was supposed to nurture and love refused you.

Unfortunately, you were a victim of sinful conditions growing up.

As a young adult, you suffered violence at the hands of your husband. The physical and mental abuse you endured is unspeakable. It caused you to run and live in fear of an abuser.

The most significant loss suffered was that of your two children. You carried the burden of guilt and shame for having failed them for twenty years.

In spite of this ill-treatment, you have the assurance of God’s saving grace and transforming love. The Lord has rescued you out of the darkness with fear and removed the burdens of guilt and shame.

The Lord has healed those old wounds and gave you His peace. It’s time to say goodbye to the victim identity and story that is keeping you oppressed in mind.

To walk in the light of Christ and share your testimony of faith with others.

This new story will bring hope and comfort to other oppressed individuals. It will show them how the Lord can rescue you from the darkness and heal a broken heart.

Walking in the light of Christ, you were able to let go of the anger, bitterness, and hatred for past abuses. You don’t need to continue living as a victim.

God has given you victory in Christ Jesus. Go forward in the New Year and proclaim to others all of the glorious things the Lord has done for you. By His stripe’s, you have been healed and given a new life in Christ.

Good Bye Victim, Linda M Carleton

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