I Wanted to be a Website Designer

I wanted to be a website designer. To become one, you need to be self-driven, motivated and determined. I was, and therefore researched how to code CSS, HTML, XHTML and HTML5. Invested numerous nights learning how to read and work with PHP, JavaScript, and other coding languages.

After mastering how to use an FTP program, incorporate SEO into web pages and other aspects of website design. I knew how to design and manage responsive, accessible, and mobile-friendly websites.

I had BIG dreams!

With new skills in hand, I entered an open website design contest. The category for the contest was “The City”, my entry was titled “The City of David – Jerusalem.” Hand-coded in XHTML 1.0 and CSS, it came with three alternate template styles. It didn’t win the contest, but I didn’t give up.

The First Website Created as a Website Designer

Still determined to be successful, I created a computer help and support website titled “Computer Basics and Beyond.”  Yeah, it was beyond comprehension. It had everything, but the kitchen sink!

Here, look for yourself. It was a hot mess.

However, I thought it was great and submitted the website to the Langa List. A very popular Tech and Computer Newsletter several years ago.

I welcomed Langa’s readers on the homepage with this message;

Welcome Langa’s readers, this is my first try! Working on a new concept and design, you can preview it here. Links that work; Virus Center, Message Boards, Contact, User’s Lounge, and Check E-mail. Thank You for visiting. Much to my surprise!

I was excited when it appeared in the Newsletter, and visitors started coming to the website. Until one gentleman emailed me saying, “you misspelled Navigation on the sidebar.”


English was never a strong subject and dropping out of high school didn’t help. Still motivated, I spent more time learning to do things correctly. I got it right and created a website for a local not for profit organization.

Still dreaming of big success as a website designer. I dreamed of making money.

I didn’t dream of creating a Blog or writing on one. Never dreamed of sharing my darkest secrets with you. The thought of saying “I’m Linda M Carleton, abuse survivor rescued by grace” publically was the last thing on my mind.

I wanted to be a website designer but, God had other plans!

God had a purpose for the creative talents and website design skills. His purpose was to share His saving grace, and transforming love with others. His plan was to tell others who are weary and lost in darkness to come to Him.

The gifts, talents, and abilities of website design were given to bear fruit for God’s glory. I’m a website designer by the grace of God. I use the gifts given to me for His glory, and to lead others out of darkness into the light of Christ.

3 thoughts on “I Wanted to be a Website Designer

  1. Linda, You were certainly a lot of help to me as I got started with the process of creating and operating my own website over ten years ago. Your technical skills and knowledge helped me to solve many problems that I encountered in this process that has enabled me to produce a website that is displayed around the world. Thank you for your help and encouragement through these years.

    1. Bob, Your welcome! Website design brought us together and sharing God’s grace strengthened our friendship. Another plan of God was fulfilled.

  2. And he is continuing his wise and loving good work each day in us as we continue to seek to serve him in the particular ministries to which he has called us. My challenge is to serve in accord with his will and timing and not to keep trying to do it in accord with mine. And God is leading you in the particular expression of the service to which he has called you. So in our friendship we share our praise to the Lord, and in our humble service we pray that he is glorified. God bless you my friend.

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