Jesus Take the Wheel and Handle My Life

If your life is a complete mess and everything is falling apart. If the burdens are overwhelming, pain excruciating and nothing seems to help. Why not surrender control by letting Jesus take the wheel and drive you down the road of life.

Driving My Life into the Ditch

Traveling down the road of life without letting Jesus take the wheel is like driving into the ditch.

I’m done driving into the ditch!

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3 Steps to Living the Abundant Life

Updated on September 6, 2019

Living the abundant life is out of reach for people who are suffering in the darkness. Lost in darkness with adverse conditions, you become fearful, enslaved, and oppressed.

Life becomes discouraging; you lose hope, give up, and stop progressing.

I understand, after suffering in darkness for over twenty years.

I know how it feels to search for an abundant life endlessly.

To walk in circles and repeat dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

I became discouraged and almost gave up hope too.

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