Making Better Choices

Change begins with making better choices. The choices you make in life are often the result of parental guidance or the lack thereof. Parental supervision and physical environment influence your mindset and dictate the decisions you make in adulthood.

Updated on: November 17, 2019

My choices and decisions created severe pain and anguish. In my early twenties, I was flat broke and eating at soup kitchens and city missions in Oakland, California.

One night at a city mission in downtown Oakland, I made a better choice. Unaware at the time, it was the best choice to make in life.

Walking forward, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.

That night, Jesus rescued me from the darkness and equipped me with His Holy Spirit. He began to guide my path and transform me into a Child of the living God.

The amazing grace of God cleansed my heart and transformed my mind, and it all began with making better choices.

Within a few weeks, I enrolled in a Certified Nurses and Home Health Aid training class. In six months, I gained employment at St Josephs Convalescent Hospital in Castro Valley, California.

Back then, I didn’t understand the Holy Spirit was working to clean my heart of sin and transforming my dysfunctional mind.

I was happy to have a job!

Change Begins with Making Better Choices

Reflecting over the last twenty-plus years, I understand how God worked to clean my heart and transform my mind. Working in the Health Care Feild, in service to others, taught me to have compassion and empathy for people.

Having matured, I became profoundly aware of a person’s struggle to survive in life. Sensing their pain and feel their anguish, permitted empathy for them and sympathy for their afflictions.

Learning to discern personal feelings of distress allowed me to show mercy and forgive the combative patient who didn’t mean to harm me. I understood the physical illness or medication could alter their mindset.

In caring for developmentally disabled individuals, I learned to assist countless people. Helping them taught me people have a choice, and it’s not your place to make it for them, even if they have setbacks in life.

The right to make better choices in life is theirs to make. It’s a God-given right, and no one can take it from you. People can try to influence your decision and change you, but you have the right to kick and scream all the way.

All those years, I thought it was a job. However, the grace of God cleaned a hardened heart and transformed a dysfunctional mind. And it all began with making better choices in life.

What better choices can you make?

I pray that you will choose to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and permit Him to work in your life. It takes time for change to happen. Keep walking by faith in the Lord, and over time you will see His glorious transformation too.

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