As a Child Sees

As a Child Sees – a poem written by Linda M Carleton

I asked, “Lord, what is your will for me?”

He told me, “See as a child sees.”

If I could see as a child sees,
How would the world look to me?

I look around perchance to see,
What the Lord has in mind for me.

Through the eyes of a child, I see,
Love abounds for all people around.

No boundaries set for judgment yet.

Happy with what they have
is the way to spend a day.

No need for all those material things.

As I see how a child sees,
Honesty comes naturally to me.

A child is quick with forgiveness too,
Unlike the world, who holds it over you.

As you see as a child sees,
Remember, they learn from you.

So always do as a child would do;
Hold a child’s learning as a value to you.

You shape their future;
It’s something God has entrusted to you.

Don’t let the child you see,
Be something you wouldn’t want to be.

By Linda M Carleton

Published by L.M. Carleton

I'm an abuse survivor and blog for others who suffered, helping you grow in wisdom and change your life. I overcame adverse childhood experiences by walking in faith and caring for the elderly and physically challenged for more than twenty years.

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