All She Ever Wanted Was Love

A message of unconditional love for Valentines Day.

She was a quiet child. Sensitive at heart. All she ever wanted was love. Her heart yearned for someone to care. To feel loving arms holding her securely.

Tears flowed down her cheek in the darkness of night.

Not a single person in sight.

As the years passed by she began losing hope. Adversities in life brought her down low. A sensitive heart became hardened with grief.

All she ever wanted was love.

All she received was pain and sorrow.

Not a single person in sight.

The struggles in life made her strong. And she became a warrior who learned to fight. The trials in life were fought with grit. Standing strong was the only way she knew.

All she ever wanted was love.

Not a single person in sight.

She hungered for food to nourish the body. Landing at a city mission, she found a glimmer of hope. His Word fed her broken spirit.

Walking forward, she accepts His free gift of unconditional love. And the grace of God set her free.

The light of life is now in sight.

Along the way, she learns an important truth. Through all the years, and tears that were cried, the Lord was always with her. His love guided her path and protected her from the grave.

God’s invisible arms held her close to Himself.

She found everlasting and eternal love. His love was the only thing that could fill the void and mend the scars in her heart.

God is love and the light of life.

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