Do you have a hard time learning how to overcome emotional pain? Is it difficult for you to overcome past hurts? Read this story to learn how to overcome emotional pain and move forward in life.

I understand the agony in letting go of past hurts. Know the struggle of overcoming emotional pain. Have suffered from child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. My heart became filled with emotional distress after enduring domestic violence and losing children.

After years of adversity, the emotional wall around my heart became solid. The emotional pain and memories of a disturbed past were pushed down deep inside.

I moved forward in life, or so I thought. Twenty years later the emotional pain and memories of an abusive past came rushing back to the surface.

Trying to forget about past hurts didn’t work, and pushing the emotional pain down inside prevented my heart from healing. I became bitter, cynical and anger filled my heart.

Struggling to be open and vulnerable in relationships. My relationships with men always ended in disaster. I tried dating but, men know when a woman’s heart is not open to love.

One guy sent me the URL address to the video “Come from the Heart” by Kathy Mattea. After listening to half the song, I stopped the video and burst into tears.

Come from the Heart

He could tell the emotional walls were extremely high. That my heart was closed to love.

I cried, “I don’t know how to let go!”

How do you let go and move forward in life? Love as you will never get hurt. I always pick the wrong type of guy. And end up getting hurt over and over again.

I did dance like nobody’s watching!

Great relationships are built with trust, respect, and love. I just didn’t know how to open my heart to love again.

How do you open your heart to love again?

This song struck a chord within me. You needed to learn to let go!

Step 1 – Acknowledge Past Hurts

The first step is to acknowledge the past hurts.

You can’t heal what you don’t first acknowledge.

Kathy states it best, “You’re going to have to learn to let go.”

You’re going to have to learn to let go of the emotional pain associated with past hurts. I found writing to be very beneficial in the healing process. It’s helped me to acknowledge the past hurts and heal emotional pain.

Writing or journaling allows you to work through emotional feelings healthily and helps you learn to let go. Writing helps release painful memories and unwelcome thoughts and emotional pain.

Step 2 – Forgiveness

The second step is learning to forgive yourself and others.

Past hurts will continue to affect your mind and bring your spirit down low.

Learning to let go requires forgiveness for you, poor choices and past mistakes. It involves forgiveness for others wrong doings too. In time, forgiveness frees your mind of painful memories and lift’s your spirits to a better place.

I built up bitterness towards others who hurt me. It prevented me from dealing with issues. Focusing on rage helped me forget about the pain inside. I used anger as a coping and defense mechanism.

These are ineffective ways of dealing with emotional pain and past hurts. Since then, I’ve forgiven others for past damages and wrongdoings. Forgiveness allowed me to move forward in the healing process.

Step 3 – Let Your Light Shine

So now we go back to our second question.

How do you open your heart to love again?

To find the answer; listen to “Let Your Light Shine” by Keb’ Mo’.

Let Your Light Shine

To open your heart to love again, you need to “let your light shine” and “let your love show” where ever you go.

What are you gonna do “let the world go by in a corner all alone?”

This song is a reminder to keep letting your light shine. It reminds me not to sit in a corner all alone. It reminds me to step into the greatness God has created in me and not to be afraid to love again.

It’s a reminder to let your love show for all to see the glory of God.

Then when the rains come, and the winds blow, your love will still be shining bright. When everything is falling apart, you will still be able to give love from a healed heart.

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