My Story Abused Fear Not

I understand how hard it is to talk about the abuse you experienced. To fear not what others think when you tell your story.

I feared the public eye for twenty-plus years. Here is a portion of my account, an upcoming memoir, Abused, Fear Not. I hope it encourages you to journal your story.

Upstate, New York, Spring 2012.

I felt unloved and ended our relationship. Afterward, I created a dating profile to search for a good man. At first, I kept the profile photos hidden, not wanting to expose my identity.

Then one man asked to see a picture, so I sent one, and he responded, “You’re beautiful, why do you hide away?”

I lived in fear of an estranged husband after fleeing for my life to a domestic violence shelter over twenty years ago, without my children.

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Why Did You Start Writing a Blog

I never planned on writing a blog. The thought of sharing my darkest secrets was not intentional.

As a child, I learned not to tell your business in the public eye. The last thing on my mind was to be a writer and pen my story for the world to read.

My dream was to become a website designer. And the lure of big bucks stimulated the desire to learn how to write coding languages, such as HTML, HTML5, CSS.

I wanted to be a Website Designer.

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Memoir Writing Progress – I’m Doing a Happy Dance

I’m making significant progress on writing the Memoir. Such advancement I’m doing the happy dance. I’ve learned a great lesson too. – Don’t be afraid to search and search for “the best takeaway” for the reader.

The best takeaway gives readers HOPE for something in the future. It can be hope for a better life. Hope for a particular struggle they are facing. If the takeaway is not hopeful then most likely the book will fall flat.

No happy dance.

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